Outsmart Your Appetite

Have you noticed that your drive to eat often does not have much to do with your actual hunger? Your appetite is most often triggered by the mere sight or thought of food. The key to controlling your appetite is to have awareness. Here are three tactics to help tame your food temptations and outsmart your appetite.

  1. Smaller Plates and Utensils

If you have larger dishes then the standard ten and a half inches, use a salad plate for your main dish. The best idea here would be to by smaller plates altogether. Also make sure to use smaller spoons and forks to reduce portion sizes. The bigger the plate or utensil, the more you will eat. In one study people at a party were given a large bowl and they were given a three ounce scooper to dish out their ice cream desert. The group of people with the three ounce scooper ate 53% more than another group of people who were given a two ounce scooper and a smaller bowl.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

When I am on my diet plan I always drink generous amounts of water. The reason for this is simple, it helps to keep you full. It is also recommended to drink eight glasses of water every day. I try to drink a full bottle of water every meal. I like to eat a turkey sandwich every lunch and after each bite I take a drink of water, it fills me up as if I ate two sandwiches instead of one.

  1. Getting Bored of Diet Foods

When your on a diet trying to lose weight, at the start of your diet, all you will be thinking about is food. After a short time you will become tired of the diet foods you have been eating and want to change things up. Researchers recommend to come up with a standard repertoire of meals, and stick to it. Most people will always try to have something new, but studies find that when your always looking for new choices you will most likely end up on a calorie splurge.

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