Foods To Keep Your Cholesterol In Control

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Are you suffering from cholesterol and before eating anything you first thing of its effect on your cholesterol rate? How about eating a salmon fish for dinner tonight, or grabbing a handful of nuts or even better to lick that dark chocolate. Yes, a person having cholesterol can enjoy all this guilt-free! All these foods and many more help in keeping your cholesterol level in control. All you need to do is whatever you eat just eat healthy food.
low cholesterol level Foods To Keep Your Cholesterol In Control

9 Foods List for Controlling Cholesterol Level
So here is a list of 9 Foods which help you in fighting with cholesterol:

  1. Grab on Nuts
    Fats are always not bad; our body needs some healthy fats for proper functioning. Fats like Mono-unsaturated fats, poly-saturated fats and saturated fats are good for your health. So Nuts provide you good amount of all these healthy fats to your body.
  2. Eat Oats
    If you don’t like that doctors prescribed boiled food on your breakfast than try having Oats, which also helps a lot in keeping your cholesterol in control. Take two servings of oats in a day to lower LCL cholesterol by 5.3% in 6 weeks.
  3. Sip on that Red Wine:
    Yes raise a toast to your health with the best of the red wine. The red grapes used in the manufacturing of the red wine helps to lower the cholesterol level. Just two glasses of red wine in a week can do the magic.
  4. Green Beans
    Green vegetables are like a lifeline of healthy life. So just add beans to your diet add get those cholesterol levels down by 8%.
  5. Sinful Chocolates
    Chocolates have those cholesterol reducing antioxidants in them. Studies done have proved that dark chocolates prevent blood vessels in lever from rupturing.
  6. Eat Spinach
    Not only Popeye you can also build that muscle power with spinach. It is proven that spinach contains around 13 falconoid elements which keep you away from harmful diseases like cancer, heart diseases and many more.
  7. Salmon and Fatty Fish
    If you are non vegetarian than, salmon is like a health wonder for you. It keeps your heart safe from conditions like heart attack, stroke, and keep cholesterol levels at bay. Fishes like salmon, sardines help in increasing good cholesterol levels.
  8. Drink Tea
    One should prefer tea than coffee, as tea has antioxidants in it and less amount of caffeine content is present in it. Your bones become strong due to presence of phytochemicals in tea. It also helps in increasing your defense mechanism of the body against LDL cholesterol levels.
  9. Use Olive oil
    This is the most common which everyone knew that cholesterol patients should use olive oil instead of normal cooking oil in eating. It has many health benefits, also helps in lowering bad cholesterol level in body.

So add these foods in your daily diet and enjoy a healthy life and those cholesterol levels low.

Diet Tips – 5 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Vegetarians

In today’s post, I will be sharing 5 easy weight loss tips for vegetarians that deliver fantastic results and suit both women and men. It is very hard for a vegetarian to create a balanced nutrition diet plan, especially in a society that focuses more on meat.

However, there are numerous advantages to being a vegetarian. You can lead and live a healthy life as a vegetarian and stay fit forever. Here are 5 easy weight loss tips for vegetarians to follow in order to lose weight safely and quickly:
weight loss for vegetarians 5 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Vegetarians

  1. Protein is very much important for reducing weight and build up muscles. One of challenge that you might face is getting enough protein. There are numerous options such as eggs, dairy products, almonds, seeds, whole wheat products, quinoa, fruits and vegetables that provide your body the required amount of protein. You should start your day with a protein rich breakfast to improve your metabolism and burn weight fast.
  2. Soy is another good option for vegetarians. Soy can be eaten in many shapes and forms but many believe that it is not good for weight loss due to its estrogenic effect. Its estrogenic effect actually disturbs body’s natural ability to burn off fat and may slow down the results as well.
  3. Dry fruits such as nuts, almonds and seeds are excellent source of protein and even, they also contain healthy fat which is very much important for your health. Don’t think that you need to cut down all fats from your meal in order to reduce weight. It is not true. Fat is also important for our body.
  4. Dairy products can also help you to achieve good health. But, you need to choose dairy products meticulously ensuring they do not have high amount of fat. Eat yogurt and other low fat dairy product to get the required amount of protein.
  5. Regular workout and gym is also important. Join a gym and become athletically fit. This will help you burn more calories and accelerate your metabolism as well. You should workout at gym regularly. Also, be sure you eat a good amount of protein after every workout.

All in all, aforesaid 5 easy weight loss tips for vegetarians can give you an edge when it comes to losing weight fast as being a vegetarian; you’re less exposed to fast food. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet to stay healthy and fit.

Shed off extra pounds with Eat to live diet plan

People who wish to lose weight by following a reliable diet plan need to search no more for it. Here is the diet plan, which has helped a lot of people in losing weight. Eat to live diet is a popular diet plan founded by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Fuhrman claims that people can lose around 20 pounds in just 6 weeks by following his diet plan. Let us know more about this diet plan.

Eat to live diet plan Basics

The central idea of this diet plan is nutrient density which is calculated by applying the formula which says that Health = Nutrients/Calories. According to this diet plan, the health of a person has a direct relation with this ratio. In this diet book, Fuhrman has suggested a diet plan, which is full of vegetarian food items. This diet plan is for duration of 6 weeks.

Along with this, there is a moderate diet routine in which certain animal products can be eaten. People who wish not to leave animal products while following this diet plan are allowed to eat single serving of lean fish like Tilapia or flounder and one egg white omelet every week. Dieters do not need to count calories and calculate portions while following this diet plan.

Foods, which are recommended by this diet plan

Eat as many raw vegetables as possible. Salads should be eaten as the main dish.

Egg plants, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and cooked green vegetables.

One pound of steamed vegetables and raw vegetables should be consumed daily by the dieters.

A minimum of 4 servings of fruits every day

Avocado, Raw nuts, flax seeds etc.

Dieters should not eat refined carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, juice, sugar and bread.

Exercises to do while following Eat to live diet plan

There are no specific exercises to do while following this diet plan. However, it will be good to do exercise while one follows this diet plan. Even if you do not do exercises while following this diet routine, you would be able to lose your weight.

Advantages of Eat to live diet plan

This diet offers low calorie and high nutrient intake. This may boost longevity.

This diet advises people to eat more vegetables and fruits.

This diet is very good for those people who need to prepare themselves for some kind of surgery.

This diet plan lowers down the risk of dangerous diseases like Cancer, diabetes and diseases related to heart.

Disadvantages of Eat to live diet plan

It is not easy to stick to this diet plan as it is quite restrictive.

It offers fewer proteins to those people who live active lives.

Dieters may feel this diet plan boring and less appealing.

Conclusion Eat to live diet plan is really helpful in losing weight and reducing risk of several diseases. However, this diet plan may act differently on different people. You need to first

Diet Tips – List of 10 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

apple with peanut butter List of 10 Healthy Snacks for Weight LossHaving excess weight is something which people do not want at all. People, who have more weight than they should have, try to do all those things which can make them lose their excess weight. People hit the gyms, run every morning, follow different kinds of diet plans, eat various weight loss supplements and do various other things just to get rid of their extra weight. People who want to lose their weight should know about healthy snacks for weight loss. Snacks are eaten by people in between the meals so that they do not stay hungry and the metabolism rate in the body does not get slow.

Here, we tell you about top 10 healthy snacks for weight loss which will help you to reduce your weight.

1. Simple Popcorn

: Popcorn is considered as one of the best healthy snacks for weight loss. People should never have butter popcorn. They should eat simple popcorn which has high fiber content which is very good for weight loss. People should eat popcorn between their meals.

2. Bars

If you have ever eaten bars then you might know that they are one of the most famous healthy snacks for weight loss. The bars which you eat should not have more than two hundred calories and they should not have more than 2 grams of saturated fat. Bars can be carried along anywhere easily. People can eat bars whenever they feel like having snacks.

3. Nuts

People who think that nuts increase weight are not right. Nuts are in fact, very tasty and effective healthy snacks for weight loss. You can eat almonds, pistachio, walnuts or any other kind of nuts in order to reduce your weight by eating snacks. Only 160 calories are offered by fifty nuts. It is good to have nuts as snacks for those people who wish to lose their weight.

4. Greek Yoghurt

Most people might have not tried Greek Yoghurt as healthy snacks for weight loss. High protein levels are present in Greek yoghurt. By adding pomegranate seeds to such yoghurt, people can make it even tastier and beneficial for weight loss. Protein helps in burning fat in the body and antioxidants which are present in pomegranate seeds help in boosting the rate of metabolism in the body.

5. Chocolate Milk with Low Fat

Most people think that only children drink chocolate milk. However, chocolate milk having low fat is no doubt counted as one of the best healthy snacks for weight loss. It offers calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins to the body. This snack is absorbed by the body in a fast manner and makes people feel energetic.

6. Yogurt with Blueberries

You might be aware of the health benefits of blueberries. People who wish to lose weight should drink yogurt with blueberries as healthy snacks for weight loss. It is very easy to prepare this snack. You just need to have low fat yogurt and blueberries to make this snack. It is very effective for weight loss.

7. Apple with Peanut Butter

Anyone who has ever eaten an apple with peanut butter knows how tasty it is. People who will eat this snack will be able to get a lot of fiber and nutrients. Peanut butter will make them feel energetic. This is one of the best healthy snacks for weight loss which are eaten by a large number of people.

8. Whole Grain Crackers with Cheese

People who love to eat cheese would love to know about this snack. Eating whole grain crackers with light strings of cheese will help people in losing weight. A lot of fiber will be offered by the whole grain crackers. People who are not ready to quit cheese should try eating this snack for weight loss. It is one of the most favorite healthy snacks for weight loss for those people who like cheese.

9. Soybean Pods

People who wish to lose their weight should eat soybean pods. First, people need to boil these pods and then they can keep them with themselves and eat them when they have become cold. This snack is considered as one of the most effective healthy snacks for weight loss because it helps people to avoid overeating. You can eat soybean pods by adding a little salt to them.

10. Hummus and Baby Carrots

If you are addicted to eating chips then you should try to eat hummus and baby carrots. Carrots will provide you that crunch which you expect from chips. You will also get a lot of fiber by eating carrots and hummus. Very few calories are offered by this snack. Next time, you crave for chips, have hummus with baby carrots. This way, you will be able to help yourself to lose your excess weight by eating healthy snacks for weight loss.

Diet Tips – Is Running Good For Weight Loss?

People who are overweight keep on hearing about various methods of losing weight. They also keep on trying to find newer and most effective methods of weight loss. Someone who has ever searched for the best methods of reducing weight must have come across running as a weight loss method. Running for weight loss is considered to be one of the best methods for weight loss.

running for weight loss Is Running Good For Weight Loss?A large number of people believe that nothing is better than running for weight loss; for people with excess weight. However, there are many people who doubt whether running is good for weight loss or not. Here, we mention a few points which will let you know why running is good for weight loss.

Proven Results
Running for weight loss has considerable effect on the weight of an individual. A large number of people have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time by running for weight loss. As people have achieved weight loss results by running, they have proved that running is an effective method for weight loss.

Even those people who do not make changes to their diet and lifestyle are able to reduce weight only by running for weight loss.

Running Burns Fat
Running for weight loss is a great way to burn the fat present in the body. Even if a person runs for 30 minutes every day then he/she will be able to burn a lot of fat present in the body. When fat in the body is burned then weight is reduced. Running affects the fat present on the belly and thighs. Most of the time, people have fat accumulated on their belly and thighs. Running is a great way to reduce body fat.

The best thing about running is that it helps in burning the fat in a fast manner. Other methods for burning the fat present in the body are slow.

Running Tones Up Muscles
People who run every day for a fixed amount of time develop toned muscles. They do not need to do any other kind of exercise if they are running every day. Discipline and regularity in running is important if someone is running for weight loss. Once a person starts running for weight loss, he/she should make it a habit to run daily.

Whether a person runs thrice a week or every day; he needs to be regular. People who are not regular in running will find it difficult to lose weight. If you have seen runners then you might have noticed their toned muscles. You can also develop such muscles by running every day.

Long Term Weight Loss Benefits
People who think that running is a quick fix for weight loss are quite wrong. Running is a hard method to lose weight and all people cannot follow it. People who are looking for a shortcut method of losing weight should not start running. People who wish to lose excess weight permanently should do running.

Running is not as easy as it may seem. When people start running, they realize that it is not at all easy. For a few days, each part of the body, especially legs hurt after running. Slowly and gradually, our body adapts itself to running and we start to lose weight.

Running And Diet
People who wish to reduce weight by running should know that only running for weight loss would not make them lean. People need to take care of their diet if they really wish to lose their weight. If you eat all kinds of fast and unhealthy food then you will find it difficult to lose weight even if you are running for weight loss on a regular basis.

It is very important to control your diet, if you wish to get the maximum benefit from running for weight loss. People who run regularly and consume healthy foods find it easy to lose their excess weight in a short period of time. You need to do efforts in order to develop a habit of running daily and eating healthy foods.

Running Is Good For The Heart
You might have heard from a large number of people or have read in various magazines that running is very good for heart. The good news for people who like running for weight loss is that running is really very beneficial for the heart. People who run regularly are more likely to have a sound cardiovascular system. Running does not only reduce weight but it also keeps the body fresh.

If you run for 30 minutes in the morning then you would be able to stay fresh and active for the whole day. People love running because it makes them feel fresh and active. It is also a great way to reduce weight. Running for weight loss is no doubt a great way for weight loss.

Diet Tips – Tips to Get Slim and Trim Easily and Quickly

tips to get slim Tips to Get Slim and Trim Easily and QuicklyHow to get slim and trim quickly without facing much problem is a question asked by many of us. Losing fat easily is not a tough task if you follow some basic tips. Here is a list of tips to burn fat and get slim and trim easily and quickly.

1. Increase your water intake

Water is a very important thing for your body because it flushes out toxin and if you will consume more water, you will feel healthier. Water does not contain any calories which mean that no matter how much water you consume you will not gain weight.

2. Avoid sweetened bottle drinks and sodas

We know that the sodas and colas contain high amount of sugar. Sugar is rich in calories so if you will consume more of these bottle drinks and sodas you are bound to gain weight. If you want to drink soda, go for diet sodas because they do not contain calorie-rich sugar.

3. Eat fresh fruit

One of the best ways to reduce fat is by eating fresh fruit and avoiding fruit juice. Artificial sugars are used in juice, whereas fruits contain natural sugars, which are not very rich in calories.

4. Increase intake of vegetables

If you are interested in losing weight fast, then you should increase the intake of vegetables in your diet. Try to eat leafy green vegetables as much as possible. Make it a habit to eat salad in your diet.

5. Monitor what you eat

Before eating anything spare some moments to think about the amount of calories present in the food which you are going to eat. Do not eat anything just for the sake of eating.

6. Eat only when you feel hungry

Do not over eat because sometime even one session of over eating can end the effect of one week of strict dieting. Try to eat only when you get hungry and not when you get tempted to eat something.

7. Stop eating snacks between meals

One of the best ways to get that slim and trim look within days is by stopping snacking in between meals. Most of the time we eat junk foods as snacks and you should know that junk foods are high on calories and not good for health. If you feel uncontrollable craving to eat snacks, try to eat green vegetables snacks which are very low on calories.

8. Reduce the intake of tea and coffee

We often consume tea and coffee with sugar and cream and both these substances are fattening. The reduction in the amount of cup of tea or coffee that you consume per day will reduce the amount of fat in your body, allowing you to get that slim and trim look.

9. Exercise regularly to burn extra calories

You should work out regularly in order to burn the extra fat. Regular exercise helps us keep healthy and allow us to get a great body.

Follow these simple tips and you will see the desired results in few weeks. Try to follow these tips for life and you will never get fat.

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Diet Tips – Pump Iron for a Better Body

For the majority of women who join a gym or start a weight loss campaign they have an image in their head of how they want to look and feel when they being to lose stomach fat, well who doesn’t? And it’s a perfect way of knowing where you want to be and what results you want from your exercise program.

Now the media have had a massive influence on how people perceive themselves and the information that people read or listen to and then instantly believe this is true or should be followed.

Lets take weight training for example, good old pumping iron is one of the most amazing tools for changing body composition, shape and improving self confidence, self image and most importantly for the majority of women trainers, dress sizes.

If women only knew how amazing lifting weights on a regular basis could be for their figure and how it really is the key to a shapely, toned and firm body then they would get off the cross trainers faster than when they see ‘free chocolate samples’ being handed out at the supermarket.

Regular weight training will ensure the body builds more lean tissue which not only gives the muscles that very sought after ‘toned’ look, it also pulls the muscles in nice and tight making clothes easier to fit into,. Regular pumping iron sessions will also ensure the metabolism is kept at a higher rate than if just cardiovascular exercise was undertaken, one study found an intense weight training session could raise metabolic rate for up to 48 hours after the workout is completed!!

So we now know that weight training can drastically improve the chances of women achieving that lean and toned figure, no bingo wings, no saggy bum and shapely shoulders, so why do so many shy away from it? Well the main reason so many women do not undertake regular weight training is someone one day started a very incorrect and inaccurate rumour that women will get big and bulky if they lifted weights!

Whoever this was needs to go back to school and be re-educated because if they knew anything about building muscle they will know a good amount of testosterone, thousands of clean calories consumed daily and very high amounts of all the amino acids is needed every single day.

Why isn’t this likely for women? Well for starters women do not have high amounts of testosterone with in their body, so that’s big muscles out of the window already. Secondly it takes a very dedicated individual to eat enough food day in and day out, ask any male bodybuilder what the hardest part of getting big is and they will undoubtedly tell you eating enough every day.

And thirdly amino acids are the building block for muscles and can be found in supplements and protein rich food, now if you cannot eat enough food daily then this is one part of the equation that is also going to lack massively.

So this shows that women cannot only do regular weight lifting without the fear off getting ‘big’ they can also lift heavy to their fitness level and all they will achieve is firm, toned muscles, high strength increases, improved bone density helping ward of problems such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and best of all big amounts of body fat burning and a drop in dress sizes!

Dave Stone has been a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer for over 10 years and helps many people every day with their goals to lose weight.

How Celiac Disease Contributes to Weight Gain and Loss

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder in which the body cannot process gluten, leading to intestinal damage and problems with digestion. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, which can be found in common foods such as pasta, bread, baked goods, and crackers. Celiac disease is becoming more common, though experts say that cases are still underdiagnosed as the disease can manifest in a variety of conflicting symptoms. Many experience irritability, headaches, fatigue, and digestive issues. Many will lose weight, though a minority will actually gain weight. Here are some of the ways that celiac disease can contribute to weight gain and loss, and how to manage those symptoms:

Weight Loss

Most people who suffer from celiac disease will experience notable weight loss or the inability to gain weight even through increasing consumption. The reason is that the digestive upset and intestinal damage caused by the disease makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients from food, leading to malnourishment. Fat can also pass through the body undigested, leading to fatty, foul-smelling stool. Weight loss, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and swelling, and smelly stool are some of the most common, classic symptoms of the disease.

Weight Gain

In a minority of cases, those who suffer from celiac disease can actually experience weight gain, even to the point of obesity. Because the body becomes malnourished, the sufferer experiences severe cravings as the body attempts to make up for the lost nutrients. The malnourishment can also lead to hormonal imbalances that affect the function of the thyroid, leading to weight gain. An impaired ability to metabolize fat and sugar further compounds the weight gain.

Treating the Symptoms

Every person who suffers from celiac disease can experience a different range of symptoms, and there is no cure for the disease. However, the treatment for all the symptoms is the same: Adoption of a 100% gluten-free diet. Your diet should focus on high-quality calories from lean meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Grains should not include gluten, such as brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, and millet. Slowly, the body will heal itself and start to absorb the nutrients it needs. Those who need to gain weight will start to do so because the needed nutrients will be received. Those who need to lose weight will do so because the body will start to receive the nutrients it needs and will need to eat less to receive them.

Celiac disease can cause a number of symptoms for years without a proper diagnosis being given. Some may experience weight loss, while others may experience weight gain. If you suspect you may have celiac disease, you can talk about your symptoms with your doctor and get the proper screening. You can also try a gluten-free diet to see if your symptoms alleviate and you start to feel better.

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