Diet Tips – Dear, You Look Frumpy:” Grandma Wasn’t Trying to be Mean but She Still Gave me a Complex

Family—just because they love you, doesn’t mean they won’t plant seeds of insecurity! People often say things without thinking about how it  will affect the person the comment is directed at. When I was growing up, some of the harshest things that were said to me, with regards to my weight, came from members of my family. I know they loved me, and I know they cared, but their words still stung.

When I was a young kid, I wasn’t overweight but I definitely ate my fair share of junk. I used to crave candy; Twizzlers, pop rocks, nerds, you name it, I would happily devour it. Now, as I got to be a pre-teen, and then a teen, I started to pack on the weight but I just kept craving and eating that sugar-filled junk that I remembered from my childhood.

When I really started to balloon, my family, and especially my mom, would make comments about how I needed to stop eating so much food or that I needed to exercise.  The problem wasn’t that I needed to eat less food, it was that I needed to eat less junk, and even though my mom was always quick to point out when a pair of pants were too small or a top too short, she kept buying candy and all of the other ‘treats’ of my childhood. Back then, my mom didn’t know better either, and she didn’t understand that the things she gave us as ‘treats’ or for dessert were only contributing to my weight gain. Sadly, whenever my brother teased me or my grandma told me I looked frumpy, I comforted myself with more of that junk.

I’m not blaming my weight problem on my mom, I’m just saying that when you get into a habit, like eating candy, it makes it harder and harder for you to resist the cravings.

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