Foods To Keep Your Cholesterol In Control

Guest Post by Kelly Jones….

Are you suffering from cholesterol and before eating anything you first thing of its effect on your cholesterol rate? How about eating a salmon fish for dinner tonight, or grabbing a handful of nuts or even better to lick that dark chocolate. Yes, a person having cholesterol can enjoy all this guilt-free! All these foods and many more help in keeping your cholesterol level in control. All you need to do is whatever you eat just eat healthy food.
low cholesterol level Foods To Keep Your Cholesterol In Control

9 Foods List for Controlling Cholesterol Level
So here is a list of 9 Foods which help you in fighting with cholesterol:

  1. Grab on Nuts
    Fats are always not bad; our body needs some healthy fats for proper functioning. Fats like Mono-unsaturated fats, poly-saturated fats and saturated fats are good for your health. So Nuts provide you good amount of all these healthy fats to your body.
  2. Eat Oats
    If you don’t like that doctors prescribed boiled food on your breakfast than try having Oats, which also helps a lot in keeping your cholesterol in control. Take two servings of oats in a day to lower LCL cholesterol by 5.3% in 6 weeks.
  3. Sip on that Red Wine:
    Yes raise a toast to your health with the best of the red wine. The red grapes used in the manufacturing of the red wine helps to lower the cholesterol level. Just two glasses of red wine in a week can do the magic.
  4. Green Beans
    Green vegetables are like a lifeline of healthy life. So just add beans to your diet add get those cholesterol levels down by 8%.
  5. Sinful Chocolates
    Chocolates have those cholesterol reducing antioxidants in them. Studies done have proved that dark chocolates prevent blood vessels in lever from rupturing.
  6. Eat Spinach
    Not only Popeye you can also build that muscle power with spinach. It is proven that spinach contains around 13 falconoid elements which keep you away from harmful diseases like cancer, heart diseases and many more.
  7. Salmon and Fatty Fish
    If you are non vegetarian than, salmon is like a health wonder for you. It keeps your heart safe from conditions like heart attack, stroke, and keep cholesterol levels at bay. Fishes like salmon, sardines help in increasing good cholesterol levels.
  8. Drink Tea
    One should prefer tea than coffee, as tea has antioxidants in it and less amount of caffeine content is present in it. Your bones become strong due to presence of phytochemicals in tea. It also helps in increasing your defense mechanism of the body against LDL cholesterol levels.
  9. Use Olive oil
    This is the most common which everyone knew that cholesterol patients should use olive oil instead of normal cooking oil in eating. It has many health benefits, also helps in lowering bad cholesterol level in body.

So add these foods in your daily diet and enjoy a healthy life and those cholesterol levels low.