Diet Tips – Pump Iron for a Better Body

For the majority of women who join a gym or start a weight loss campaign they have an image in their head of how they want to look and feel when they being to lose stomach fat, well who doesn’t? And it’s a perfect way of knowing where you want to be and what results you want from your exercise program.

Now the media have had a massive influence on how people perceive themselves and the information that people read or listen to and then instantly believe this is true or should be followed.

Lets take weight training for example, good old pumping iron is one of the most amazing tools for changing body composition, shape and improving self confidence, self image and most importantly for the majority of women trainers, dress sizes.

If women only knew how amazing lifting weights on a regular basis could be for their figure and how it really is the key to a shapely, toned and firm body then they would get off the cross trainers faster than when they see ‘free chocolate samples’ being handed out at the supermarket.

Regular weight training will ensure the body builds more lean tissue which not only gives the muscles that very sought after ‘toned’ look, it also pulls the muscles in nice and tight making clothes easier to fit into,. Regular pumping iron sessions will also ensure the metabolism is kept at a higher rate than if just cardiovascular exercise was undertaken, one study found an intense weight training session could raise metabolic rate for up to 48 hours after the workout is completed!!

So we now know that weight training can drastically improve the chances of women achieving that lean and toned figure, no bingo wings, no saggy bum and shapely shoulders, so why do so many shy away from it? Well the main reason so many women do not undertake regular weight training is someone one day started a very incorrect and inaccurate rumour that women will get big and bulky if they lifted weights!

Whoever this was needs to go back to school and be re-educated because if they knew anything about building muscle they will know a good amount of testosterone, thousands of clean calories consumed daily and very high amounts of all the amino acids is needed every single day.

Why isn’t this likely for women? Well for starters women do not have high amounts of testosterone with in their body, so that’s big muscles out of the window already. Secondly it takes a very dedicated individual to eat enough food day in and day out, ask any male bodybuilder what the hardest part of getting big is and they will undoubtedly tell you eating enough every day.

And thirdly amino acids are the building block for muscles and can be found in supplements and protein rich food, now if you cannot eat enough food daily then this is one part of the equation that is also going to lack massively.

So this shows that women cannot only do regular weight lifting without the fear off getting ‘big’ they can also lift heavy to their fitness level and all they will achieve is firm, toned muscles, high strength increases, improved bone density helping ward of problems such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and best of all big amounts of body fat burning and a drop in dress sizes!

Dave Stone has been a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer for over 10 years and helps many people every day with their goals to lose weight.