Shed off extra pounds with Eat to live diet plan

People who wish to lose weight by following a reliable diet plan need to search no more for it. Here is the diet plan, which has helped a lot of people in losing weight. Eat to live diet is a popular diet plan founded by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Fuhrman claims that people can lose around 20 pounds in just 6 weeks by following his diet plan. Let us know more about this diet plan.

Eat to live diet plan Basics

The central idea of this diet plan is nutrient density which is calculated by applying the formula which says that Health = Nutrients/Calories. According to this diet plan, the health of a person has a direct relation with this ratio. In this diet book, Fuhrman has suggested a diet plan, which is full of vegetarian food items. This diet plan is for duration of 6 weeks.

Along with this, there is a moderate diet routine in which certain animal products can be eaten. People who wish not to leave animal products while following this diet plan are allowed to eat single serving of lean fish like Tilapia or flounder and one egg white omelet every week. Dieters do not need to count calories and calculate portions while following this diet plan.

Foods, which are recommended by this diet plan

Eat as many raw vegetables as possible. Salads should be eaten as the main dish.

Egg plants, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and cooked green vegetables.

One pound of steamed vegetables and raw vegetables should be consumed daily by the dieters.

A minimum of 4 servings of fruits every day

Avocado, Raw nuts, flax seeds etc.

Dieters should not eat refined carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, juice, sugar and bread.

Exercises to do while following Eat to live diet plan

There are no specific exercises to do while following this diet plan. However, it will be good to do exercise while one follows this diet plan. Even if you do not do exercises while following this diet routine, you would be able to lose your weight.

Advantages of Eat to live diet plan

This diet offers low calorie and high nutrient intake. This may boost longevity.

This diet advises people to eat more vegetables and fruits.

This diet is very good for those people who need to prepare themselves for some kind of surgery.

This diet plan lowers down the risk of dangerous diseases like Cancer, diabetes and diseases related to heart.

Disadvantages of Eat to live diet plan

It is not easy to stick to this diet plan as it is quite restrictive.

It offers fewer proteins to those people who live active lives.

Dieters may feel this diet plan boring and less appealing.

Conclusion Eat to live diet plan is really helpful in losing weight and reducing risk of several diseases. However, this diet plan may act differently on different people. You need to first